About Us


We started in 2011 on a kitchen table in Victoria, BC wanting to build something that was easier and more fun to use for friends to share scores and brag about their rounds. Courses also looking to engage their paying customers will find golfburn a breath of fresh air.


We believe that a golf app shouldn't be complicated but easy to use and fun. You don't need to track stats and bore people with details. Golfburn gets out of the way and lets you plan and share your rounds effortlessly.


Golfburn is designed for the average and avid golfer alike who want something simpler. Everyone is dying to tell their story on the golf course, whether it's a good round or just plain outrageous. Sometimes you just need the right forum to do it in. However you want to share, Golfburn will help.

Services for Course Operators

Facebook and Twitter not cutting it? We provide an end-to-end package of services for golf courses looking to spread awareness about their course in a new and unique way.

Golfburn will provide you with the ability to communicate and participate with all your paying customers long after they have finished their round.


  • Brand
  • Good value
  • Market Knowledge
  • New Players


  • Post Round
  • User to Course
  • Multiple Rounds
  • Golf Course Availability


  • Repeat Business
  • Loyal Customers
  • Build user base
  • Offers & Discounts


  • Positive Reviews
  • Word of Mouth
  • Social Sharing
  • Circle of Friends


Golfburn Media Inc.